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Ore is a consultant by day and sleeps at night. She describes herself as an introverted extrovert. Ore loves all things chic and is obsessed with capturing moments with photographs. 

With a growing passion for food photography, Ore is constantly torn between her love for delicious food and remaining fit. 

One of her goals is to attend a basic patisserie course and open a cafe/bakery chain.

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Meet Akudo Agokei aka rad_economist. 

Akudo works as a Data Analyst, and with his extra hours; he is chasing his passion for culinary creativity.

He describes himself as having a late start into cooking however, he believes this was beneficial in allowing him to forge his own path upon which he found his "pot of gold" in contemporary Nigerian Cuisine. He hasn't looked back since. 

Since then he has slowly perfected his craft and carved a way for himself into the culinary world.  His aim is to showcase Nigerian cuisine to the world in all forms possible and to challenge Nigerians to explore their ingredients and foods to Its maximum potential