Hello Lovelies,

Over here in the UK it’s coming to the end of graduation season so I’d like to start this post by saying a huge congratulations to all those who have graduated over the past few weeks (or will be in the next few). Well done to you all.

Some of you may have landed jobs and others may be looking. For the former, congratulations and for the latter, do not despair. And also for the entrepreneurs, You are the future! Don’t stop! (get it get it)

I really am hoping this post will be of some help to some of you out there. Here are 7 tips to help you on your first job after university.

1. You are not expected to know everything

Unlike at university and interviews where you were expected to demonstrate your knowledge, the workplace is a different ball game. The answer? ABC…Always Be Learning. To stop learning is to die. Take every opportunity to learn and connect the dots where you can.

2. Attitude is everything

Self explanatory this one. Your attitude is everything, nobody wants to work with you if your attitude stinks.

3. People portray passion in different ways
The workplace in many cases is an eclectic mix of people, culturally, generationally (if that’s even a word) and in many other ways. Person A may display passion for the job differently to person B.
More often than not, there will also be person C who doesn’t have any passion at all. So what’s the tip here you ask? Get to know what makes your colleagues tick and play to people’s strengths rather than highlighting their weaknesses.

4. Keep It Simple

Whether you work for NASA or as a secretary, if you make life easy for the people around you (especially your boss) you are winning. This doesn’t mean cutting corners or taking shortcuts, please no. Something as little as preparing your question before you ask it will serve you in great stead. This is especially useful if you work in a consumer industry (i.e your end goal is to provide a product or service to another human being). Keep it simple.

6. You WILL need support

Unlike what you may have come to know at university where you could study for days without sleep to pass that exam, work is different. You will undoubtedly need help and a lot of the time, the distinguishing factor between those that succeed and others is the ability/willingness to ask for help. Get yourself a mentor/coach to guide you.

7. It’s not personal

When all is said and done, it’s not personal and it never should be. Everyone has good days and bad, cherish the good days and don’t let the bad get to you. Pour yourself a glass of wine (when you get home!) and all will be well.

Because you’ve read till the end you diligent reader, here’s a pic from my graduation last year 🙂

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Reet Petite