Jane the Virgin

I’m a huge couch potato (that didn’t come out right). I love love love TV shows, it makes me sound boring when people ask the dreaded “What do you do for fun?”. I can just see the judgement when I say my hobbies are TV shows 🙁 . But the truth is, apart from the fictional and often dramatic entertainment they provide, TV shows have a way of portraying some real-life truths that make you really think. The good ones at least.

I go hard for my TV shows. I like them in all flavours; Action, Thriller, Cheesy Romantic (not so much), fantasy, you name it. At some point in my life, I determined whether or not I would get along with someone I just met based on the TV shows they watch/like. Don’t judge me okay!

On to the list, I tried hard to whittle this down and of course, they are categorised, for what is life without order 🙂

What i’m watching right now

Jane the Virgin

My all time faves*

Game of Thrones
The Good Wife

*It was so hard to condense this list. So So hard.

the good wife
Guilty Pleasures
Carrie Diaries
The Originals
Person of Interest

Never Had Enough*

The Chicago Code

*These were the shows that had 1 or 2 seasons and just broke my heart when they ended. I might have cried actually.

chicago code

This is only a fraction of the shows I watch but they are the ones I deemed worthy for this particular post. Most of them can be found on Netflix and the ones that are not can be found on the many tv show sites that exist out there, can’t link them here obviously before the po-po come for me. But you know the ones *wink*.

P.S Perhaps I will do some reviews in the future, but I really don’t like to do nor read about TV shows for the fear of spoilers. I really really get upset when I bump into a spoiler while reading about a TV show. But it might be a healthy challenge to write about a TV show without spoiling it. Let me know if you guys n’ gals would be interested in that.

So what shows do you watch? What are your favourites? Which can you not stand? Leave your comments below.

Until Next Time,

The Reet Petite