“Ping Pong bar? What?”

Listen, people have been going to the cinema for centuries, it’s getting old.

If you share the sentiment that sometimes going out with friends gets a little “samey”, I think you will like this one.

Located in central London, Bounce is a lovely spot that offers food, drink and PING PONG. Genius isn’t it? Set in a rustic 1950’s style underground (ish) location, it offers seating (Diner style) as well as a tournament-like array of ping pong tables. For a small fee of £20 (off peak) or £28 (peak) yourself and a few friends could enjoy some fun (or competitive) ping pong over some drinks and pizza.

Now,with my ping pong skills being as advanced as they are *coughs*, my ball was more often than not across the room. If people didn’t know any better, they would think I was looking to see how much hurt I could inflict on complete strangers with a ping pong ball.


All in all, Bounce is a good laugh with a few friends and may be good for a double date. I wouldn’t recommend for a one-on-one date as I think it would be more enjoyable as a group.

If you want a good time without the cliché of the movies or the clubs, or just looking for something different to do in London, head on over Bounce.


Price: £££

Food Quality: 4*

Atmosphere: 4*

Staff: 5*

Bounce Website

Bounce Farringdon 121 Holborn,London.EC1N 2TD.


Have you been to Bounce? What did you think? Leave comments below.

Until next time

Reet Petite