Spring Flowers in Rain
Hello beautiful people
I come alive in the springtime *Drake voice*

Look at me coming on here to make jokes, when I really should have my tail between my legs. After my self motivating, high energy start to the year, I feel like my #Goals and grand ambitions for this blog left me a bit weak in the knees. You know the scenario when you’re talking smack to someone and they say the dreaded “Let’s take this outside”, the HOT BLOOD that gushes through your body (I talk like i’ve been in that situation before, I’m too chicken to fight guys!).

I’ve been seriously lacking in the consistency of my posts and I know you guys are like: The worst babe

Just want ya’ll to know that I am sorry and I will make it up to you #promise.

Now that we are friends again, how have ya’ll been doing? There’s so much going on in the world it’s unreal, but I come here as an escape from the political and general mess that is the world today. So on to the age-old, tired a** topic of WHAT THE HELL IS UK WEATHER? I feel like it has been winter for so long, I’ve forgotten how to behave when I feel the warmth of the sun on my cheeks. Someone reading this from the likes of Russia or Canada is probably rolling their eyes at me, but seriously guys, sun deficiency is real! It messes with your mood like crazy (or maybe it’s just me). Please tell me it isn’t.

Now that we are “officially in spring”, even though I think spring itself missed the memo, what are your favourite things about this season? Some people like the blooming flowers, others love the rain. I personally HATE IT ALL (ijoke ijoke)….or do I?

In my next post i’ll be sharing my favourite things about the spring season.

Until then, stay awesome!


The Reet Petite