Puerto Banus

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As promised, here is part 2 of the Spanish Explorations (read part 1 here). After 3 days in Madrid, we headed down to the South of Spain to enjoy some sun, sand and SANGRIA!

On the way to the south we took a little (totally worthwhile) detour to see the city of Cรณrdoba. We spent all of 2 hours there and walked around the Catedral de Cordoba. The South of Spain is gorgeous, there are so many cities within short driving distance and they all have multiple things to do. For the ladies (and gents too), Marina Banus Shopping Mall is a luxury shoppers dream. I have to say, I wasn’t impressed with the prices as I expected to get more bang for my buck if I was shopping in Euros, no such luck unfortunately.

There is also a very active nightlife in Puerto Banus where we stayed. Rumoured to be the Ibiza for the “grown” rich and famous. I had my camera on standby the whole time, didn’t spot no Drake though. Maybe next time?

Top Tips:
– You will 100% need a car if you want to maximise your South of Spain Experience. Otherwise you will likely be constrained to one city alone. Parking was relatively easy to find and often cheaper on weekends (waaay cheaper)
– The South of Spain is slightly more expensive than your average holiday, so go prepared and set a budget if you can (especially for food).

What we did

La Sala Bar
Marina Banus Shopping Mall
Alcazaba of Mรกlaga
Centre Pompidou Mรกlaga
Plaza de Espaรฑa (in Seville)
Playa de Bolonia
The Nerja Caves (in Nerja)
Overdosed on Paella and Sangria! I mean, when in Spain right?




Chocolate Desert


Puerto Banus





The South of Spain is somewhere I think everyone should definitely visit. It was very relaxing and there were lots to do and eat.

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