Hello Lovelies,

I couldn’t help myself with that title, Adele is a musical goddess. If that just went over your head please stop what you’re doing and go listen to Adele’s new song “Hello”.

Please don’t hang me for not posting for ages (even though I deserve it)….MERCY!! Not only have I been busy, I have also been going through some changes. While change can be tough and soul draining, it’s always good!

Hand on heart, I will be more consistent with posting with the few weeks remaining in this year. I will be even more consistent in the new year (New year’s resolution LOCKED DOWN)

On to the topic du jour,

Inspiration. Because I like to be semantically correct all the time (I told you I was annoying), I looked up the actual meaning of the word Inspiration and found multiple definitions, one of which I found hilarious; “a result of inspired activity”. English is such a weird language.

The definition that made the most sense was:

Inspiration: a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.

The key words for me in this definition are; Divine, Directly and Immediately. Therefore implying that it takes a split second to be inspired by something or someone? Is that necessarily true? Does this mean we have all been using the word wrong?

As soon as I read that definition my very immediate response was MUSIC. Yes, cliche as that sounds, music is the only thing that has a Direct and Immediate impact on me, so profound sometimes it definitely has to be divine.

Without rambling any further, here are the 5 songs “impacting my soul” right now (In no particular order)

1. All for you – Rachel Kerr
2. Love on the line – Hillsong Worship
3. Weakness in Me – Keisha White
4. Should’ve Been Us – Tori Kelly
5. It is well – Bethel Music

I can hear you judging my taste in music *side eye*

What songs are inspiring you today? Leave your comments below.

Until next time


Reet Petite