Hello Beautiful People,

Happy New Year. Yes, it is the 25th day of January and it is still Happy New Year from me. Let me explain.

For the first 2 weeks of this year I was terribly ill. And when I say ill I don’t mean sniffing from the flu, I mean malaria ill. I was down and out and it took 2 weeks with medication to recover.

Being so down made me realise that good health is one of the many gifts that I take for granted, not anymore.

I wanted to still say a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to my beautiful readers so I thought to wait till the 25th day of January to give it some significance (do you buy that?).

Here’s hoping 2017 is all that you all wish for. The year is already off to a great start for me and mine and I am very grateful, praying for the blessings to continue to rain down.

I also have lots of plans for The Reet Petite this year, so stick around!

Until Next Time,

The Reet Petite