Another year is upon us and I’m so grateful we are all here in one piece. I also mourn those that did not make it into the year and I pray for eternal rest for those who passed away recently.

On a lighter note, this time of year sees many lists being made and habits being dropped or picked up. I feel like there is something about the start of the year that provides a new energy and motivation, I love it. Even though the reality is we simply went from Thursday to Friday (but let’s not talk about that), it’s all about the new!

If you’ve already set your goals and are doing well by today Jan 8th, well done. If you’ve already fallen off, get back on. And if you haven’t set any at all, get to setting!

Here’s a guide to help set yourself up for success on your 2016 goals.

1. Get Mathsy
You’ve set yourself some goals, “I want to save more”, “I want to get closer to God”, “I want to work out more”.
Sounds nice, but what’s the definition of more?
Add some numbers to those goals, Want to save, How much? Want to get closer to God, How will you measure closeness? Want to work out more? How many times a week?

Numbers make the world go round (I just made that up) so why are they missing from your new year goals and aspirations. Set some metrics and measure yourself at intervals; monthly, maybe quarterly. You will be more likely to meet your goals when you have measures for success.

2. Establish the reason for your goals
There should be a motivation for everything we do in life,it’s time to start living a deliberate life. There’s no point doing things just for the sake of it, otherwise the days will pass you by.Let your actions be deliberate and thus your goals.
Why do you want to lose weight? Why are you saving? If you cannot answer these questions and PEN them down, you are likely going to lose momentum halfway through the year because the absence of reason is the absence of worth. A goal loses it’s worth when there is no articulate motivation behind it.

Leading nicely on from point 2, there is no point making a mental note of your goals. Do you ever walk into a room and you’ve completely forgotten why you went in? Yeah. If you can for get something in such a short time, what makes you think you’ll remember your goals and the motivations behind them everyday?
Write them down in a place where you will see them often and refer to them. The door of your closet is always a good one, Or as a note on your phone. The point is, you need your goals written in black and white so that you can refer to them and always remind yourself of what you’ve set out to do.

4. Be Realistic
Practicality is key. You are not a miracle worker so don’t set yourself up for disappointment for the sake of ambition. For example, you cannot go from 0 in your savings in January to 50,000 in December when you annual income is 30,000. Unless sey na yahoo (i.e unless you’re planning to steal), in which case, i’m not involved.
Do the calculations, write up a budget, account for things you might deem trivial, like your indulgences in chocolate, or your cheeky trips to the cinema. Plan for them all because they add up and these are the gremlins in your wallet that silently chip away at your saving goals. Don’t expect your habits to change overnight so be realistic about who you are and what your habits are and gradually make adjustments to who you want to be. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you’ll get there.

5. Be Patient

Finally and most importantly, be patient. This is one I honestly struggle with. I think it’s a generational thing, we want things NOW NOW. Well, life doesn’t work that way. You cannot go from a D average to A* in one day. Perseverance is a virtue we all seriously need to imbibe. Be patient with yourself and your goals. Want to become an actress, well you’re gonna need to practice. Want to have thousands in the bank? You’re gonna have to save monthly without fail. Be patient with yourself and others and keep at it, your reward will surely come.

I hope this helps you (and me!) with your 2016 goals. I’m so looking forward to the year and all it has to offer. I wish you all the very best with your goals and aspirations.

Until Next time


The Reet Petite