“Chicken and Waffles? Really?” Absolutely!

I love chicken, and before you laugh, I put it to you that it has nothing to do with my melanin (or maybe it does, but who cares). There’s nothing quite like some good chicken! So when my friend told me about a restaurant whose strapline is “The best free range fried chicken you’ve ever tasted”, you already know what my answer was. Here’s another post on where to eat in London.

Now, thinking about fried chicken, my mind goes to “hole in the wall” take away joints with grease seeping out the cracks. But no, not Bird. The atmosphere in the restaurant is trendy and it provides a polished diner style atmosphere with proper booths for full effect.

The chicken served was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside with just the right amount of coating such that it didn’t overwhelm your palette. Don’t you just hate it when the chicken is so crispy it leaves you with a tender palette?(Or is that just me?). Coupled with the warm, soft waffles doused in maple syrup, it was a party in my mouth! For a restaurant to be brave enough to sell just chicken, they have to make absolutely sure they know what they are doing, the people over at Bird definitely do. All that being said, for what you’re getting (fast food essentially) you might find the prices a bit bold.But I will defend this fine establishment by saying, you’re paying for the experience! All in all, I really liked it and I will definitely be back!


Price: ££££

Food Quality: 3*

Restaurant Atmosphere: 4*

Staff: 4*

Bird Website

42/44 Kingsland Road, E2 8DA, London.

What we had;
Chicken and Waffles
Buffalo Wings

There are so many great places to eat really quality food in London and that’s what I’m here for. Eating my way through London (and getting fat) so you don’t have to. Noble, I know ;).

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