Last Friday the girls and I made a cheeky stop at Dirty Bones for a dinner catch-up.

I was initially skeptical of a place called “Dirty Bones”. I’m not a huge fan of Shoreditch for a number of reasons, so when it was suggested I was a little hesitant. Upon visiting the Dirty Bones website my mind was changed instantly. Say what you want but a good website is half the sell for a restaurant. The menu looked packed full of delicious meals at sensible prices and best of all, HAPPY HOUR! Sign me up!



Price: ££

Food Quality: 5*

Restaurant Atmosphere: 4*

Staff: 5*

 Dirty Bones Website

What we had
Mac n Cheese
Crispy Fried Chicken (1/2 Pile)
Beef Short Rib
Baby Back Ribs
Shoreditch Signature
Cocktails: Top Dog

The staff at Dirty Bones Shoreditch were exceptional. Let me explain something to you, food is my first love, so when I go to a restaurant I am there for the food. If the food is excellent, I can be served by a monkey for all I care. However, when the food is so bomb but I also take notice of your service, you know then that you have scored top marks in my books.

First of all the waiter was very patient with taking our orders and recommending dishes to us, he took his time to explain portion sizes.

Secondly, the manager (I think it was) of the restaurant saw how much we loved the mac and cheese (i’ll come to that) and offered us another on the house. Now that’s what you call customer service.

Now last but not least, that Mac and Cheese, my goodness. I am extremelly picky when it comes to mac and cheese, it cannot be too wet but also not too dry. I have also found that all the mac and cheese (cheeses?) I have tried in restaurants to date, while having the right consistency, always taste like air…BLAND.The mac and cheese at Dirty Bones hit the spot! Perfect combination of cheese and macaroni with crispy bacon on top, baked to perfection. It was the highlight of the night. Everything else tasted equally amazing and we could barely walk at the end of the evening. I will definitely be back Dirty Bones Shoreditch, you haven’t seen the last of me for sure.
Chicken DB
Spread DB
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