1. Everyone is Happy (relatively)
There’s something about Christmas time that turns even the worst of cynics into merry people. The magic doesn’t catch them all but it definitely infects a lot of people. The types of people that usually don’t socialise now have an “excuse” to, people who usually don’t fancy a chat now have the “what are you doing for Christmas?” go-to line. I love it! There’s cheer in the air at Christmas time and it’s massively exciting

2. Family Time
You see, I live thousands of miles away from my entire family, I get to see them twice a year if i’m lucky, Christmas being one of the two. As a result, I cherish the Christmas season because if nothing else, I get to spend time with my family. As I am getting older I am beginning to appreciate my family more and really understand the sacrifices my parents have made for my siblings and I. Family means the world to me.

3. Reflection
Christmas season comes with year-end reflection for me. Being so close to the end of the year one cannot help but reflect on how the year has gone, the good and the not so good. In the past few years I have made a list of goals at the start of the year and Christmas time gives me the opportunity to reflect on those and put forward plans and prayers for the coming year.

4. Giving
I love giving gifts. I prefer giving gifts to receiving them, not for any altruistic reasons but simply because I take gifting very seriously. I like to think that my gifts are a manifestation of our relationship. If you haven’t noticed, I am a very sentimental person so I put a lot into my gifting. Seeing the reactions on people faces when they open their gifts or the pictures you get in the following months when the gift is being used warms my heart, there’s no better feeling. I also find it a good time to give to those who I do not know. Christmas is a very family oriented time and so I always try to take time out to think about those who may not have loved ones to share the holidays with. The salvation army is one way you can spread some love this Christmas.

5. Celebration of God’s Ultimate Expression of Love
Lastly and most importantly for me, Christmas is the ultimate celebration of love.I am a Christian and while I do indulge in the Christmas celebrations and all the trimmings that come with it, I try to bring it back to the reason we celebrate, It is Jesus’ Birthday after all. What his birth signifies to me is God’s ultimate love for his people. It’s pretty wonderful isn’t it?

It’s your turn, what do you love about Christmas? Or vice-versa? Leave your comments below.

Until Next Time,

The Reet Petite