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Mien Tay

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Hello Lovelies,

The weather in London has been ridiculously gloomy. Rain, wind and more rain is the order of the day. Naturally when it came to suggesting a place to eat for a catchup with some work friends, I picked the closest place to work. I was overruled by a friend of mine who was certain we would like this vietnamese place in Hoxton, about 20 mins away from work. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t feeling it. The last thing I wanted to do was tread in the dreadful weather for some average food. I was dead wrong!

Drinks at Dirty Bones

Dirty Bones

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Last Friday the girls and I made a cheeky stop at Dirty Bones for a dinner catch-up.

I was initially skeptical of a place called “Dirty Bones”. I’m not a huge fan of Shoreditch for a number of reasons, so when it was suggested I was a little hesitant. Upon visiting the Dirty Bones website my mind was changed instantly. Say what you want but a good website is half the sell for a restaurant. The menu looked packed full of delicious meals at sensible prices and best of all, HAPPY HOUR! Sign me up!



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“Chicken and Waffles? Really?” Absolutely!

I love chicken, and before you laugh, I put it to you that it has nothing to do with my melanin (or maybe it does, but who cares). There’s nothing quite like some good chicken! So when my friend told me about a restaurant whose strapline is “The best free range fried chicken you’ve ever tasted”, you already know what my answer was. Here’s another post on where to eat in London.

Now, thinking about fried chicken, my mind goes to “hole in the wall” take away joints with grease seeping out the cracks. But no, not Bird. The atmosphere in the restaurant is trendy and it provides a polished diner style atmosphere with proper booths for full effect.



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Hey Guys,

I know it’s late, but happy 2015 to you all. I hope this year brings good things to you and yours.

Now on to the post. Let me first say that I struggled to write this up because I was very underwhelmed by my visit to this establishment. I suspect it was for two reasons;

1. It looks almost exactly like Jackson + Rye which I reviewed recently
2. I didn’t have brunch πŸ™


Jackson and Rye

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What are adventures without food? Β Let me be honest, when I started this website, I was most definitely looking for an excuse to try all the kinds of food there are in London. What else did you think adventure meant? ;).

A few weekends agoΒ my housemate and I went over to Jackson and Rye and boy did we get stuffed!

We had a selection from their brunch menu and the food was delicious.