That title is laughable, you know why? I only read two books this year. TWO.

Yes my head is bowed in shame because that is a stark contrast to my attitude in last year’s post where I discussed books I read in 2015.

So what happened you ask? I cannot explain for the life of me. Between moving houses (AGAIN) and overall trying to do this adulting thing, I only managed to read two books. Two doesn’t sound THAT BAD, I mean it’s two more than none. In the same vein, it is half the books I read last year…but let’s look forward.

On to the books I read.

1. The first one was a book called The Fishermen (Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize).
Set in western Nigeria, The fishermen was very different to any African Literature I have ever read. At first I found it a little strange but as I started to get used to the author’s style of writing it became easier to digest. It has a certain dark/twisted element to it which I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed but also (being Nigerian) sent shivers down my spine.

I won’t go into much details for fear of spoiling it for those who have not yet read it but I definitely would recommend it. It took me a while to finish ,not because it was boring or anything of the sort, I just took my sweet time I suppose.

2. Second (and last) was The Smart Money Woman

This one was right up my street. A self help book with a financial focus, I was definitely keen. Arese’s style of writing was a little different for me I must admit, but it made the book very easy to read and digest. I would describe it as a short (ish) story packed full with lessons in personal finance. I wouldn’t take the title literally, Men folk can definitely benefit from this book too.

So there you have it, all two books that I managed to go through this year.

What have you read this year?

What do you recommend I read next year? Leave your comments below, let’s talk books.

Until Next Time,

The Reet Petite