April Faves

So this isn’t my first dance with a beauty blog post, but it is the first one I have really spent time creating. First of all I wanted to scream from the rooftop about these products because I really really really (you get the gist) like them. Second, I wanted the pictures to be mine, taken by ME. I was sweating guys (I was that stressed out), but I absolutely loved it. I felt like such a creative with the camera round my neck crouching and moving about to get the “perfect light”. I’m beginning to really enjoy this blogging life *swings head from side to side*.

On to the reason for the post, these products I’m absolutely loving right now and have used and abused them for the past few months. Here are my beauty favourites right now.

1. Lancome: La vie est belle
La vie est belle

This perfume smells absolutely incredibly amazing (that’s a lot of adjectives). It has a sweet but grown smell that just makes you wanna whip your hair and strut in your heels. It’s so hard to describe a scent in words you know. I got it duty free on my way to Spain last month (get yo’ life!), so every time I spray it I feel a little nice. Ha!

2. Kiko Milano : Skin Evolution Concealer
Kiko Milano
Oh! So many things about this concealer make me so happy. For starters, I got it on a whim. I was fed up of my current concealer because it made my skin so dry (I have dry skin), so I walked into Kiko Milano on Oxford Street and asked the nice lady for the concealer section. Getting to the stand there were so many to choose from, so I picked this one in shade 06 because it looked and most importantly felt nice on the back of my hand (LOL), AND it was “twist up” mechanism which makes it fuss and mess free. I’m so glad I bought it, I haven’t been able to put it down since. Did I mention it was only ยฃ5.50! I mean come on!

3. The Body Shop: Vitamin E Face Mist
Face Mist

Now, getting this took some deliberation. The lady at the body shop store was probably tired of seeing my face because I went back three times in one week trying to decide which product to get. I needed a post makeup “finisher” (finisher sounds so WWE haha!). I had a powder I used frequently but I found that it made my face look too light when I took pictures, not a good look. So I was in the market for a spray to get that dewy finish. I wasn’t completely convinced when I decided to buy this because I had my heart set on the Urban Decay Setting Spray, but it was sold out everywhere. Well look at me now, I’m so glad I settled because this cost a fraction and does the job excellently well. I also use it when I don’t have any make up on and it makes my face GLOW! I love it. Only a humble ยฃ9.50.

4. Maybelline: Great Lash Mascara Blackest Black
This mascara came into my life recommended by my best friend. I was walking around in boots fed up of my struggle lashes and buying expensive mascaras that run out in a few weeks or dry out my face. Her words were “My sister swears by it”, so it was a passing recommendation of sorts. Being the whimsical hopeful that I am, I bought it and I haven’t looked back since. It does the job excellently well and trust me when I say I go from zero to hero in the eyelash department with this mascara. Best part is, it’ll only set you back ยฃ4.99.

Here we are at the end of this post, I had so much fun putting it together and I hope you’ve had as much fun reading it. Any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to holla in the comments.

Until Next Time,

The Reet Petite