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Sometimes I think I was born with the travel bug, so I have a more severe case than those who were merely bitten.I love to travel, however I do not explore nearly as much as I would like to.That is to be changed, and if you stick around you’ll see it all with me.

I recently made my way to the beautiful country of Morocco for some adventures and it was brilliant.

I promised that this blog would be fun but above all, it is absolutely necessary that it also be educational and add some sort of value to you my lovely readers. So here are 3 facts about morocco followed by 3 tips for your visit there.
Pictures after the education

1. Morocco is located in the North West of Africa
The capital of this beautiful country is actually Rabat. No it isn’t Marrakech. I know, I thought so too.

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2. Arabic is the Official Language of Morocco:
French is often spoken for business and is considered a second language. However, not everybody speaks french. This came as a little surprise to me because in most African countries, the official language is that of the country from which it gained independence. However I quickly learnt (often from the blank stares I got when I asked someone where the nearest restaurant was in French) that this is not the case in Morocco. Lesson learnt.
Moroccan Arabic
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3.Game of Thrones is shot there (some of it)
This one is for my GoT fans, Did you know that a lot of scenes from our beloved show are shot in Morocco? Scenes of Kings Landing and Khaleesi’s adventures to be precise. (I can claim that I have been to Kings Landing *adjusts crown*)

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– Fly to a smaller city:
Marrakech being the most popular city in Morocco (so popular that some insist it is the capital, NO it is NOT), flights to other cities may cost you less and you can always catch a train or rent a car to explore other cities including Marrakech. Morocco is mostly safe so you have nothing to fear traveling city to city.
– Prepare to bargain. However! Don’t over do it, and most importantly don’t be rude. Nothing is more annoying than a tourist who is bargaining for fun,this is someone’s day job.
– If you are going to use a taxi, always ask for the meter

Some useful websites:
Flights: Skyscanner
Hotels and Activities: Trip Advisor

And finally some pictures;
Atop the Kasbah of the Udayas: La Plage

The Entrance to Hassan Tower, Rabat: Hassan Tower

Inside the Mausoleum of Mohammed V: IMG_8341.JPG

The Tanneries in Fes: Tanneries

Moroccan Spices: Spices

Mehndi: IMG_8397.JPG

Fes Markets: IMG_8384.JPG

The city of Fes by Day: view

The city of Fes by night: Night lights

The famous Moroccan Argan Oil being Made: Argan oil

Have you been to Morocco or thinking of going? Share your questions, experience and tips below.

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